Balance Training

Balance can improve at any age.   By improving balance you become more coordinated, stronger and more efficient in activities.

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​​​​Smart Therapy Chiropractic Services

Pregnancy and Newborns

Chiropractic can help women experience a more comfortable pregnancy. Mothers and newborns benefit greatly after the ordeal of childbirth.

Weight Loss Management

Improving nerve function optimizes "homeostasis," the body's ability to regulate itself.

Chiropractic can help with many different problems and/or health goals. Many seek chiropractic after an injury or an accident. Others use chiropractic as part of their health maintenance routine.

​Below are just some of the types of chiropractic care we provide. To see individual doctors' profiles visit our Chiropractic Team page.

Accident or Injury Recovery

We offer a multidisciplinary approach and accurate documentation to aid in your recovery and your case.


Chiropractic can help keep the young spine in proper alignment and prevent problems later in life.

Fascial Stretching

The connective tissue between muscle, bones, and organs should be supportive and supple, but often becomes tight and resistant to movement.

General Wellness

Chiropractic helps you feel good and get more out of life.

Sports Performance

Chiropractic helps an athlete operate more efficiently, reduce injuries, heal quickly and enhance performance.