DoTerra essential oils are top quality oils. We carry a small selection in office and can special order any oil if requested. This link will get you a free membership for the 1st year!

Cultivate Elevate Website

Primal Life Organics has some awesome, chemical free personal care products. I love their toothpaste powder!

Nature's Brands carries a variety of organic whole food supplements, herbal remedies, organic personal care products and natural make up. Our favorite products include Phytovitamins Calcium & Magnesium, Herbal Rest Aid and their organic hand sanitizer... all of which we carry in office.


High Mowing Organic Seeds is my favorite company to buy organic vegetable and flower seeds for my garden.

My Green Mattress
High Mowing Organics
Real Mushrooms Smart Therapy Link

The benefits of bovine colostrum include improved gut health, improved immune health, improved sinus and respiratory health, increased energy and more! The best source I've found is WonderCow. Use code SMARTTHERAPY10 for 10% off!

Primal Life Organics

Azure Standard only offers high quality brands most of which are organic and all are non-GMO. Azure has helped me feed my family for a fraction of the cost and feel good about what we are eating. They sell everything from staples like flour and sugar, to dairy, frozen vegetables, condiments, kitchen tools and so much more.

DoTerra Essential Oils

Real Mushrooms has organic high quality mushroom supplements for people and pets. My favorite is their 5 Defenders blend which you can also get in their 5 Defenders Chocolate Bar!! Guilt free chocolate? Yes, please!

This link will automatically apply our discount but you can also use coupon code SMARTTHERAPY.

Cultivate Elevate has some awesome superfood supplements! You can also learn about how to use electroculture in gardening to increase your yields and plant health.

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My Green Mattress is the best company I've found that offers quality, organic mattresses at an affordable price.

Analemma Smart Therapy discount
WonderCow Smart Therapy
Paleovalley endorsed by Smart Therapy

Higher DOSE carries infrared sauna, PEMF mats and more. I LOVE their infrared sauna blanket that makes detoxing with infrared sauna affordable for everyone!

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We often get asked for recommendations on health and wellness related products and brands. While these products are not the ONLY great brands available on the market, they are all brands that we use and trust to be reliable and high quality.

BEAM Minerals Smart Therapy discount

Analemma has the COOLEST product that restructures water to help your body utilize it better and improve hydration helping you feel better and look younger. Use the link above and code SmartTherapy for 10% OFF!

Nature's Brands

BEAM Minerals have several of my favorite products. Their "Electolyze" and "Micro-BOOST" are part of my daily nutrition and detox routines. They help hydrate, detox and provide essential minerals at the cellular level.

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Smart Therapy recommends Higher DOSE

Paleovalley has some great wellness products! My favorites are their Grass Fed Organ Complex and their Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks! Use this link for 15% off!