Relieves headaches and backaches

Enhances sleep and reduces fatigue


Relief for headaches, back pain, neck pain and TMJD


Uses cycles of isolated pressure and release

Relieves tight areas within muscle tissue

Helps manage pain and stress from chronic injuries



​Light to medium pressure

Promotes circulation and lymph function

Great for stress conditions and chronic pain


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Hot Stone

Eases muscle stiffness and tension

Increases circulation

Improves metabolism

Loosens tight fascia


​Promotes recovery from an accident or injury

Health insurance, auto insurance and L&I claims accepted


Smart Therapy Massage Services

Massage can alleviate pain, increase flexibility, improve immune function ,decrease depression and anxiety, promote relaxation, improve health and more! Our therapists have a range of specialties and experience. At Smart Therapy, we want to make sure you find a provider that is the best fit for you.

​Below are some of the main massage services we provide. Each therapist has their own specialties, style and techniques. To see individual therapists' profiles visit our Massage Team page.

Deep Tissue

Releases muscle tension

Provides deep pain relief

Loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles

Good for chronic and overuse injuries


Decreases stress and anxiety